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An old man [a rich man]

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On the way to the basketball court, Tang Qingliu and Frederick had already left. The basketball match ended at 7:30. Su Xue had classes in the evening and went to dinner. See Lu Yu standing in front of the isolation belt outside the basketball court, silently looking at the basketball court, I do not know what to think, go over and ask. In the last month of the golden autumn, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer and longer. It was dark early, and the dim light of the street lamp stretched the tall figure on the road. A touch of clouds on the horizon, light color like red blood, slowly dizzy in the water. Streamer is easy to throw people, red cherries, green plantains. Decades of time have passed, as if time had gone back to more than a decade ago, the young and agile body shuttled under the basketball rack, the teeth were white, and the smile on the young and handsome face was brilliant. Lu Yu, pass the ball quickly. At that moment, the picture was fixed,30ml dropper bottle, as if the teenager would never grow old, and always keep the green and tender appearance of sixteen or seventeen years old. . Lu Yu closed his starry eyes, and the image of the teenager disappeared in front of his eyes. He replied to Su Xue, "I met an acquaintance and said a few words." The voice is hoarse and tired, like the sound of Huqin breaking through the air, which makes people feel distressed and sad. Su Xue frowned. "Then what are you doing standing here?"? The little sister-in-law and the foreign professor have gone. "Lu Yu made a very faint sound,oil dropper bottle, indicating that he knew." What happened to you? Not happy? Su Xue noticed that he looked wrong and thought he was unhappy about Tang Qingliu. She kindly advised him: "Don't think about it. My sister-in-law and the foreign professor have nothing to do. She wants to take the professor out to play on Sunday and let me go with her." "Is she going out on Sunday?" "Mmm." The road met and hesitated. Su Xue did not know what he was thinking, she had not seen him smile since she appeared, and she could not talk too much with his cheeky smile. Brother, have you eaten? I haven't eaten yet. I'm going to eat. I had dinner before I met him, but now I was not hungry. "Let's go," he said. "I'll treat you." Su Xue looked at the time, she had to go to class, not enough to kill him a big meal, regret tunnel: "Next time, next time my brother invited me, this time I invited my brother." . Tang Qingliu sent Frederick back to the hotel and went home by subway. Her mother is not here, she has gone to play cards, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Glass Cream Jars, her father has not come back yet, her brother has to make up lessons until nine o'clock, and there are only two people at home, she and Aunt Jiang. Lu Yu called her. She was in the shower and didn't hear it. Came out to see him have a phone call, the original do not want to pay attention to, lying on the bed to read books can not see, can not help but give him a message back. What's the matter? Whether they will get married in the future or not, they have not broken off their engagement now, or they will get married as boyfriend and girlfriend. She is always so cold that he is not suitable. Tang Qingliu comforted himself like this. I didn't think she was so cold to him. It was no different from hanging him. Lu Yu looked at the light coming out of her window. He didn't accompany Su Xue to dinner. He heard that Tang Qingliu would go home after sending Frederick. He drove over separately from Su Xue. At home He asked her. Uh "Why didn't you answer the phone just now?" "I took a shower." "Busy these days?" "Mmm." Are you free on Sunday? Have dinner together? "No." Quickly added, "I have something to do at school." "What is it?" Tell him about Frederick. Will he think about it? Tang Qingliu replied, "I want to read a book." This is the refusal to say. The phone call that met on the road came quickly, and Tang Qingliu hesitated for a moment, picked it up and put it in his ear. Clear stream. He called her by name, in a soft, magnetic voice that she loved to hear. Why are you suddenly so cold to me? The last time she snubbed him, it was because of his affair with Jiang Muyu. This time he asked his assistant to check, and there was no news about him and Jiang Muyu in recent days. Then why did she give him the cold shoulder? He brought her home that night and she was fine. Tang Qingliu scratched his hair and replied weakly, "I didn't." "Then let's meet." "When?" "Now." "Now?" "Yes, now, immediately, immediately." Lu Yu talked on the phone and got out of the car.
Tang Qingliu seemed to hear the sound of the car door on his side and had a bad feeling in his heart. "Where are you?" "Open the window and look." Tang Qingliu opened the curtain and saw the car she met on the road parked downstairs. While talking to her on the phone, he raised his handsome face slightly and looked in the direction of her window. The man who saw her appeared at the window and said to her, "Come down." Tang Qingliu stagnated for a moment, hurriedly drew the curtain again, and hesitated to reply: "I, I, I am not convenient." Hang up the phone quickly. She laughed when she met him on the road. Smelly girl, she said she didn't give him a cold shoulder? . During the two days of rest, Tang Qingliu's plan for Frederick was to take him to visit the scenic spots in the city on Saturday and go outside the city on Sunday. The hotel where Frederick stayed was near Tang Qingliu's school. Tang Qingliu passed by. Su Xue had already arrived. She was with.. Road encounter ? Tang Qingliu stared at the man who was dressed leisurely and casually, raised one eyebrow and looked at her with a smile. Why did he come? Frederick is also there, Su Xue told him that Lu Yu is her brother, did not say the relationship between Lu Yu and Tang Qingliu. Frederick also kindly introduced to Tang Qingliu: "Tang, this is Su's brother." Of course she knew he was Su Xue's brother, and what she wanted to ask was, how did he appear here? Before Tang Qingliu could say anything, Frederick himself laughed and said, "You should know each other." His idea was that Tang Qingliu and Su Xue were so close that it was hard not to know her family. Tang Qingliu steeled himself and admitted: "Yes." More than knowing? People who have been on the bed, there is no more familiar than them. . Yanyuan Lake,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, Boya Pagoda, Bell Pavilion, Library.. Not too far There are many famous scenic spots in the university next door. Tang Qingliu first took Frederick to visit the university next door.


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