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Ghost blows out the light

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By the time we sailed out of "Zhelong Mountain" on the raft, I was already sore and numb. I stumbled in the ancient tomb, and there were at least a dozen bruises on my body. Because of the humid environment, I felt a dull pain. When I took off my climbing helmet, I saw that the helmet was full of scratches and dents. Looking back on the experience of a few days, it was really dangerous to be a ghost in another place, almost two generations. But it was most gratifying to finally come out of the Worm Valley with something, and to go and return together. Back at the Caiyun Inn, I really felt sorry for the landlady. I lost the "Jianwei" air rifle that she lent us for free. When I came out, I was busy walking. I couldn't even remember where I lost it. I had to tell her that when we were catching butterflies at the back of the mountain, we met a python. After a fight, everything was lost and the butterflies were not caught. The proprietress said that things are only dead, as long as people are safe, there are more pythons in Zhelong Mountain, even if the local hunters meet, it is difficult to guarantee that they are comprehensive, but these years, pythons have not been seen too much, you met no accident, this is better than anything. We rested for a few days in the Caiyun Inn until shinley Yang recovered, doubled the money to the inn, and thanked the proprietress a thousand times. Then we left and got on the train to Kunming. In the sleeping car, I couldn't wait. I suggested to shinley Yang to study what was the use of a few things poured out of the tomb of King Xian. There seems to be a lot of mystery in it. I saw that no one was peeking outside, so I closed the door and asked the fat man to take out the things one by one. At that time, time was pressing, and I didn't have time to examine them carefully. During the long journey on the train, I could just identify them. The first thing the fat man took out was a jade bottle, which came from the gourd hole. There was a clear water in the bottle, which soaked a small white jade fetus. But the clear water in the bottle, in the confusion, did not know how it all dripped clean. The jade fetus lost the infiltration of the clear water, but it also appeared withered. Then it was poured in with ordinary water, but it was not as clear as before. Perhaps the jade fetus is something similar to a specimen, with a real fetus in it, it gradually becomes like this, but I do not know what the liquid inside has, how can it play this role. This reproductive worship sacrificial vessel of Zhelong Mountain had nothing to do with the Phoenix Gallbladder, so we didn't think much about it. Let the fat man take it away and continue to look at the next one. The fat man took out dozens of black jade rings, which I pulled out from the hands of King Xian. It was absolutely an important funerary object above all the funerary objects. As soon as the rings were taken out, radio shuttle racking , the three of us immediately blocked our noses. "Smelly", these jade rings were invaded by the smell of corpses, and the smell was not approachable. We had borrowed some heavy brains in the inn and fumigated them for several days, but we still did not finish them, so we had to throw them into transparent sealed bags and look at them through plastic bags. Three people looked for a long time, can not see what Ni Duan, these jade rings are neither carefully carved, nor is it a priceless important material, but the age must be long, and often used, was polished very bright and clean. On a whim, I said to Fatty and Shirley Yang, "King Xian's pursuit is very simple. He seeks immortality and longevity. We saw an elixir furnace in the meat coffin. There are residues of five-color medicinal stones in the furnace. It seems that there are cinnabar, lead particles, sulfur and so on. These were synthesized into five stone powders in ancient times. Besides alchemy, people who cultivate immortals also have an important activity, that is, to communicate with immortals." The fat man thought he was smart and said, "Oh, these jade rings were thrown into the sky. Look, it means something like asking for a lot." I said, "No, I guess besides the big ceremony of watching the lake, there must be a kind of daily activity. The ancients liked to help the cymbal most. Although the true immortal may not come in response, it is also a kind of spiritual sustenance. I think these jade rings should be matched with a cymbal plate. There are many messy characters on the cymbal plate. This jade ring is used to help the Cymbal set characters. It is a kind of divination utensil." The fat man asked, "How many hands does a man have to use these many jade rings?" I was speechless, so I had no choice but to tell the difference: "Maybe it's to see the changes of the stars and the moon in the sky, and then choose which one to use to communicate with the immortals.".
” Shirley Yang suddenly said: "It is indeed used to set characters, but this is a set of things similar to the encryption code decoder. The size of the font on the Keel Heavenly Book can just be similar to this jade ring. Only by using these more than a dozen jade rings, arranged in a certain order, can we interpret the true information on the keel." I said to Shirley Yang, "You are really a dreamer. When you go back, you only need to take the Fengming Qishan Ji translated by Professor Sun, and you will know the secret recorded in the Heavenly Book. I said that no one knows about Fengming Qishan. It is necessary to hide it like this. It turns out that there is another layer of ciphertext in this ciphertext. This secrecy work is done well." But how are the jade rings arranged? Thinking of this, the three of them were stunned and looked at each other. These black jade rings were independent and not connected to each other. I suddenly remembered that there seemed to be some black residue in the hand of King Xian holding the ring. Perhaps the part connected to the jade ring had decayed, so no one would ever know how to use it. Shirley Yang picked up the sealed bag and counted it carefully: "The number of jade rings is always.." Sixteen. Chapter 171 of the main text emergency reinforcement. Mobile E-book · Feiku Net Update Time: April 28, 2007 17:46:00 Number of Words in this Chapter: 3328 Shirley Yang sighed lightly and said, "If there is a sound on the harp, why doesn't the harp sound in the box?"? If the voice is on the finger Why don't you listen to it on your fingers? I don't know how to do it. Even if you have a harp and fingers, you can't solve the mystery. The fat man also sighed with emotion: "It seems that Su Dongpo is also a decoding expert, but now we have the piano and fingers, but the fingers are not separated, still can not play the song, these jade rings are useless after all, the value will inevitably be greatly reduced." 。


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