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My ex-husband is Qiu by Guseshi.

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"Yu Chengtai," said Xie Ning, "I have given you the order of Zichen, and ordered Zichen Wei Celadon to assist you. Throughout the country, there is no one you cannot investigate, no matter you cannot investigate, and no responsibility you cannot ask. If anyone has any resistance, inform Jin Wuwei, Xiao Wei, and Yu Linwei. And I will personally interrogate every witness. Yu Chengtai saluted and said, "Yes!" Immediately go with celadon to investigate. Yu Chengtai first investigated the nine clans of the Wen family and the old house slaves, but someone really escaped by luck, and the house slave was hanged inexplicably the day before they went to investigate. Hanged? Yu Chengtai frowned and asked the official around him, "Ask the people around you." After investigation, the official reported that none of the neighbors knew that the man had been a slave of the Wen family. They only knew that he was a blacksmith with a scabby head. He kept silent every day. Because of the scabby head, no one even knew what he looked like. Celadon asked, "Lord Yu, what should I do?" "There's no need to do anything. This man was not hanged. Inform him to make an autopsy." Yu Chengtai said with an expressionless face, "the other side is guilty, as it happens, this officer still can't catch their tail!" Then Yu Chengtai also no longer care about whether it will die,pallet rack shelving, still all over the investigation, the consequences are still the same, almost every time found a fish that slipped through the net, the fish directly "committed suicide". The rest were small shrimps who had escaped, but had no idea what had happened. Lord Yu, you are not doing your job well. Someone in the court launched an attack. Your majesty, in the big war caused the death of witnesses, the case is still confused,heavy duty cantilever racks, your majesty, I ask your majesty's will, replace the candidate! The princes all knew that this case was a good opportunity to please the female emperor. "Your Majesty," they said, "I second the motion." Xie Ning looked at the still expressionless Dali Temple Minister and asked, "Yu Aiqing, what do you say?" "I am still investigating." Yu Chengtai still has only this sentence, "but today since your colleagues do not believe me, I will say the progress of the case in front of Your Majesty." "The imperial edict to behead the Wen family was issued on the 26th day of the first month of the fourth year of Longchang. There was no warning before that. The content of the imperial edict only said, 'Wen Ru peeped deeply into the palace.' Then the family was ransacked and exterminated.". But your majesty, I looked through the old archives, but found that such as deep male only in the fifteenth day of the first month of the Mid-Autumn Festival was hurriedly announced into the palace. At that time, although Rushengong was still Taishiling, he was semi-retired and was not on duty in the Museum of History on weekdays. This was also the only record of Rushengong entering the palace within three months. "Summoned to the palace?" Lu Li asked, "Why did the late emperor summon Ru Shen Gong to the palace?"? If Shen Gong saw someone in the palace? "Your Majesty, teardrop pallet racking ,metal racking systems, I have investigated the living notes of that day, and found that the living notes of that day have been erased, and then asked the relevant palace maids, but found that the palace maids and eunuchs who served that day have been executed." "Lord Yu!" The alert courtiers immediately realized that the situation was not right. They immediately stopped and said, "The case involves your majesty's relatives. Lord Yu should tell your majesty in private." Yu Chengtai, however, was not aware of it at all. He asked in reply, "Your excellencies have questioned me about the case and asked me to report it to Your Majesty in private. This case is going to be announced to the world. Why not report it in public now?" Several ministers were burning with anxiety. Wen Rushen was summoned to the palace and immediately angered Longyan. All the eunuchs serving in front of the emperor were killed. This showed that Wen Rushen had not made any mistakes at all, but had accidentally discovered something in the palace. So the late emperor was furious and killed not only the Wen family but also the eunuchs serving in front of the emperor. Now if this matter is clearly said, it is not a slap in the face of the late emperor? However, there were ministers who had the intention to flatter the female emperor, and there were also upright scholars. Wen Rushen was once a great Confucian scholar in the world. Although there were few disciples, every scholar had followed the example of Wen Jia in the Museum of History, writing all the right and wrong with one pen. Even Yushitai, who was known as the head of scholars, had been respectful to the Wen family. In the twenty-two years since the Wen family was beheaded, how many scholars have secretly held a memorial ceremony with tears in their eyes? Now I hear that there is something else about the Wen family's grievances. Which scholar can sit still? "Your Majesty, Lord Yu is right.".
"A Hanlin scholar immediately stood out," since your majesty has a thorough investigation, the future must be made public, this cover up, do you adults want to make the world suspect the late emperor? " The rest of the ministers almost choked to death and held back their eyes. Originally few people suspected the first emperor, now such a quarrel, who can not think of is Wen Rushen found that the first emperor's private virtue has been lost before the first emperor was beheaded? "Your Majesty." The Ministry of Rites and Qin Tianjian, a group of old diehards, were all sweating on their foreheads. The female emperor and the late emperor were not close to each other, but filial piety was the first thing to govern the country. How could the female emperor discuss the fault of the late emperor? "Your Majesty." Yushidafu Jiang Ziliu stood out unhurriedly, "since you colleagues are dissatisfied with the investigation of adults, it is better to let me investigate this matter with adults, what does your majesty think?" Xie Ning looked at Lu Li on the Dragon Chair and almost didn't laugh. She asked Yu Chengtai, who claimed to be soft and hard and did not eat iron steamed buns, to investigate the Wen family, in order to let Yu Chengtai tell what the bastard of Emperor Longchang had done to the Wen family in front of the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty. Once Emperor Longchang killed the great Confucian scholar for his own sake, the scholars knew about it. Twenty-two years ago, the scholars could only hold a memorial ceremony in secret, but twenty-two years later, these scholars had already become important officials of various ministries. The scholars were servile and obsequious, but they also paid the most attention to respecting teachers and respecting fame and strength of character. For this reason, they spared their lives. This is precisely the reason why scholars can only rely on three feet of tiny life with the family, military commanders, and even the emperor have to be afraid. The case of the Wen family is the most typical example of a royal family beheading a great Confucian scholar just for the sake of face. If the scholars don't plead for it, where will the scholars speak in the court in the future? Just be at the mercy of royalty and aristocracy. She calculated that there would be a scholar minister in the court to stand up for the Wen family, but she didn't expect that even the imperial censor Jiang Ziliu would take the initiative to participate in the trial. Since Jiang Ziliu wanted to fight for the scholars, Xie Ning, of course, was very happy. He immediately agreed: "Zhunzou, the imperial censor,shuttle rack system, you should make a good investigation with Yu Aiqing." Xie Ning this "good investigation" of the decree, the celadon responsible for force deterrence received the words from Ning Yunyun. Idiot Kong asked me to tell you that the net has been laid, and you just act. 。


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