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Gurr waited until the laughter died away. "You took pictures at Stonel's house after Rachel disappeared, right?" He asked quietly. That's routine. Said Thred. He knew what Geer wanted to ask. Gurr returned to the defense table and pulled out a photo of himself. He held it in front of Thred so that the jury could see it. Is this photo with enlarged details one of those photos? Thred looked at the picture. "Yes, it is." "The blow-up photo shows a table in the Stonel house, next to the front door, right?" "Yes." Gore put his hand in his coat pocket. He took out a gold-Errol pen and pointed to something on the table. "Can you tell us what this is, Luttnant?" "It's a crystal ashtray," Thred realized. He knew what Gale was up to. What's in the ashtray, Luttnant? "It's a bunch of keys." "In fact, those are the keys to Mr. Stonel's car and house, aren't they?" "I think so." "The key to the van is in the ashtray on the table to the right of the front door." "Yes." Said Thred. Then anyone who comes to the door can easily reach out and pick them up, drive the car away,push back racking system, and pull Rachel away. Thred shook his head. "No, it's not a reasonable conclusion from the evidence.". Based on what you said, the killer would have known that Rachel was at home, walked to her house,push back racking system, wore gloves, knew where the keys were, and was wearing a pair of shoes of the same brand and size. That sounds like part of your magic act, Mr. Gurr. // Evil Part 2 (20) "Don't do that, Luttnant." Castle gasped. Thred nodded and apologized to everyone. But he temporarily confounded Geer's reasoning. He just didn't want the jury to get confused in front of the strange "possibilities" that the lawyers kept scattering in front of them. Gurr smiled at Judge Cassell. Then, carefully brushing his gray hair to the top of his head, he turned to Thred. "Okay, Lutnant, automated warehouse systems ,metal racking systems, let's talk about what you call Stonel's affair with his stepdaughter.". You don't have any physical evidence to support this bold claim, do you? No semen? No Yin fluid? "I'm sure they washed it." Said Thred. Is there no witness? "It's impossible for them to let anyone else know about it." Thred said with a contemptuous smile. Gore did not smile at him. "I just want you to say no, Luttnant.". You also spent a lot of time working on Stonel's fantasy life. He indulged in some very tasteless pornography. Geer sighed. In other words, he is a man. But you didn't find anything illegal, did you? "Yes." Said Thred. You can buy this kind of magazine on Tru Street, can't you? "I think so." Gore picked up the phone records that Dan had introduced as evidence and waved them in the air. "And these phone sex calls — they look good, you can't deny it, Lutnant, but if a man wants to have sex with a child, does he have to pay $5 a minute to get satisfaction over the phone?" "That would indicate his taste in minors." Said Thred. These calls were made over and over again by Mr. Stoner. Do you know how many other people in Duluth have made the same call in the past six months? Asked Geer. I do not know I know. Almost 200. There are also two I know who work in the riot police group, Loutnant. Have you investigated them as suspects? "No, we don't." Geer nodded. "Of course not.". Because you and I both know that these phone calls are fantasies that have nothing to do with what a person does in reality. Is that right? "You have to look at the essence concretely.". And who it is. "You don't know the nature of these people, do you?" Asked Geer. Yes Yes, you don't know. In fact, when you identified it, the only physical evidence of some kind of sexual activity between my client and Rachel was this fascinating photograph that you found on his home computer.
Is that right? "The picture is very telling." Said Thred. "There's more to it than that," Gurr retorted. "But you don't have any evidence that Stonel ever saw the photo, do you?" "It's in his computer." Yes, indeed, but Rachel used that computer herself, didn't she? She could have put that photo on Mr. Stoner's hard drive at any time, right? "I repeat, we have no evidence that she did that." Gore waved contemptuously. "But you don't have any evidence that she didn't do it, do you?"? Who knows what that girl was thinking? She might have made a joke. She's probably embarrassing him. She was probably trying to cause a fight between her mother and her stepfather. You don't know much, do you? "Yes." Said Thred. Tell me, Luttnant,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, when was that photograph downloaded onto Mr. Stonel's computer? "File data indicates it was downloaded the Saturday before Rachel disappeared." "When was the last time that file was used?" Asked Geer. Same day. Geer turned around in disbelief. He glared fearfully at Thred. He had a good idea of the date of the document, and he had seen all the evidence he had found. But for the jury to see, Gore seemed shocked to hear the news for the first time. kingmoreracking.com


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