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Lin Tian rolled his eyes. "Your imagination is too rich. It's your sister-in-law who used the law of prophecy. Just wait." "Khan, boss, you are really lazy." Zhen Tian Dao. Lin Tian, they are sitting here, and Xiaohei has arrived at Lionheart City through the transport array. Blackie, it's all right. Go back to Kirin City. Lin Tian's voice sounded in Xiao Hei's mind. Come on, boss, you're playing with people. I just had something to do and you asked me to come over. You'll be all right as soon as you come over. Blackie said gloomily. Dizzy, if you are all right now, come over and drink. If you are still busy, go back first. Lin Tiandao. Small black way: "Want to come over to drink, but still really have something to do, eldest brother, if have nothing to do, then I left first." "Good." Lin Tiandao, just in time to see them laughing. What are you two laughing at? Lin Tiandao. "Boss," said Zhentian, "are you communicating with Brother Xiaotian? I was called by you, and he had nothing to do as soon as he came out. I guess he's scolding you in his heart now. "Just scold." Lin Tian muttered. Lin Tian and Zhen Tian drank the wine slowly, while his divine consciousness covered the whole Lion Heart City all the time. Far, far away from Lionheart, a young man with long, blood-colored hair was engaged in a violent struggle in his mind. Shit,ceramic igniter electrodes, are we going back to Lionheart or not? The Lion River sat directly on the sand and frowned. Originally, he had made up his mind to find a good place to hide for the next hundreds of thousands of years, as he had guessed, and then try his luck in the holy world, but as he walked in the sand, his mood suddenly became a little irritable. As soon as he was upset, he felt that the desert environment was so bad that he had the idea of returning to the city of Buddha's heart. As soon as this thought came into being, it lingered in his mind as if it had taken root. That guy, maybe he didn't know I was his enemy at all,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, otherwise, why didn't he find Lin Tian to kill me for so many years? The Lion River secretly said in his heart. In this desert, there is not a hair, and after hundreds of thousands of years, it will not be able to die. The Lion River smashed it into the sand with his hand, "but if Lin Tian was waiting in the Buddha Heart City at this time, he would have thrown himself into the trap if he went back." Back? No?! The two thoughts were quickly entangled in Shijiang's mind. Is Shijiang such a person who is afraid of death? After sitting on the sand for a day and a night, the Lion River suddenly stood up and flew up in the direction of the Buddha's Heart City. Bastard, if you are still in Lionheart, I will kill you, and then take your lover's rainbow spirit into the desert to be happy! "No, if you are still in Lionheart, I will catch you both, and then you will see me happy on the body of Hongling. Interesting. It must be very interesting." The Lion River thought of this with a grim smile on his face, and the speed was even faster, heading in the direction of the Lion Heart City. For the average person, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,ceramic bobbin heater core, in the vast desert, want to know the direction back to the lion heart city, it is not easy, but the lion river is the peak of the emperor's master, and this lion heart desert, he has been many times, it is impossible to get lost. Because of the long distance of the transmission, it took the Lion River three days to get to the vicinity of Lion Heart City. In the city of Lion Heart, Lin Tian, who was a little bored, suddenly brightened his eyes, and in his divine consciousness, the figure of Lion River had already appeared. At this time, the Lion River was a little hesitant, but this hesitation did not last long, he quickly entered the Lion Heart City. Boss, are you here? Zhen Tian Dao. Lin Tian smiled and nodded: "Come on, the law of prophecy, it is really quite useful ah, unfortunately, this thing I actually can not understand." "Boss, you don't know much, Khan!"! Any more, all your time can only be used to practice, and you don't have to do anything else. Zhen Tian Dao. All right, I'll go and catch him in Xiaoyao first, so as not to run away again. Lin Tiandao. Zhen Tian nodded, and Lin Tian disappeared in front of Zhen Tian and Hong Ling in an instant.
When the Lion River entered the Lion Heart City, Lin Tian did not appear in front of him for the first time, and his heart was slightly relieved. It seems that he really scared himself. It's estimated that the guy who shook the sky really didn't know that his parents died in my hands. The Lion River murmured in the tunnel. Be a guest in my world. Lin Tian's voice sounded behind the Lion River. The Lion River was shocked. At this time, he entered the Lion Heart City. The effect of Yang Shi's prophecy law was gone, and his heart suddenly became clear. The heart of the lion river, some understand that they should be in the means of others, "Lin Tiancheng Lord, I have something to do now, temporarily do not go to your world as a guest." Shijiang suppressed the horror in his heart and pretended to be calm. Lion River did not escape, he understood that in front of Lin Tian, want to escape like this, that is simply impossible, can only hope to muddle through, but Lin Tian where may let him muddle through. That may not be up to you. Lin Tiandao, as soon as the idea moves, the time pause acts on the body of the Lion River, in the time pause, the Lion River can not move all of a sudden, Lin Tian easily brought it into the Xiaoyao world. Boss, is it done? Zhen Tian and Hong Ling soon appeared in front of Lin Tian. Lin Tian laughed and scolded, "If you can miss such a little thing, you will probably laugh me to death.". Shall we go into Xiaoyao now or go back to Kirin City first? Zhen Tian took a deep breath and said, "Boss, can you accompany me to the place where my parents are buried?" Lin Tian nodded: "Good!" Zhen Tian's parents were not buried near Lionheart City. The nearest city with a transport array to his parents' burial place is Zijin City. When Lin Tian arrived at the transport array of Lionheart City,steatite c221, he did not reveal his identity, but he put out a little momentum and felt their powerful momentum. Without saying a word, the people guarding Lionheart City jumped the queue for them.


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