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A windfall of 10 billion yuan

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Xu Rui stood at the end of the corner, the whole Times Square came into view, all kinds of bright lights advertising, below is a dense crowd, as well as singing and cheering. She exulted, turned around and gave Luo Han a hug, "well prepared!"! I love you! Luo Han smiled, hugged her firmly, and then sat down with her in his arms, "I wanted to pack here with the hotel." Xu Rui interrupted with a smile: "No, no, some people are here, more lively and more feeling, and New Year's Eve to the hotel this good view of the place package, people did not book a view of the room should cry?" Luo Han smiled slightly, "I guess you would think so." Xu Rui is happy, in fact, she is more worried about security, but he is obviously more cautious than himself, will not make mistakes in this respect. The position of the two men is the corner at the end, and the bodyguards are scattered around, even counting the angle of sniping. It was absolutely guarded, and no stranger could approach it except the waiter. Xu Rui is in a happy mood. The only drawback is that it's a little cold. New York is not a warm Miami. Wearing a Thom Browne patchwork down jacket, she took off her gloves and ordered several cocktails and snacks. As a result, the wine arrived, but someone replaced it with a non-alcoholic beverage. Hello! Hello,shuttle rack system, hello, hello Xu Rui opened his eyes wide and stretched out his hand to stop him, but without Luo Han's long hand, he smiled helplessly and said, "Rui Rui, special period." She doesn't care about the special period. "Cocktail, not whiskey, Luo Xiaohan, don't be so rigid." "Do you have any of these with a low alcohol content?" "Uh.." Xu Rui was stuck. Luo Han just didn't drink too much. He was a better drinker than her. It was this guy who drank white at Grandpa's birthday party. She knew that there was no way to muddle through, so she pulled each other's clothes and said pitifully,mobile racking systems, "At least a cup of mezcal mule!"! There is ginger candy in it. Isn't it said that ginger can warm the palace? Sparkling wine is also OK! Luo Han knew that she had some addiction, so he moved his own drinks and comforted her by saying, "I don't drink either, be good." I didn't drink the sparkling wine on New Year's Eve, and I was wronged. Xu Ruiyan, ignoring him, turned around and climbed on the back of the sofa to see the billboard. Luo Han where willing to give up her a life sulk, took an inventory of the heart, also lay down in the past, "truffle chocolate, filling is Manhattan cocktail, wine flavor is very strong, want to eat one?" "You will be fat." "Tequila cake balls?" "Don't like it." "Juniper Quininta?" "It doesn't taste good." "Whiskey Tower, that's the best you can do, Rui Rui." Luo Han's option to this, or failed to coax his fiancee, seems to have given up, put down the snack with a handkerchief to wipe his hands. Xu Rui actually laughed, heavy duty metal racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, just to tease him. Do not want to have no movement behind her, she thought Luo Han can not help teasing, also angry, but just turned around, a figure on the pressure up. Their seats were very wide modern style sofas, and Xu Rui's whole body was enveloped by the tall guy in front of her. On this most bustling night, the neon lights were bright and brilliant, reflecting on his handsome face, colorful and dangerous. Luo Han's eyes were deep and his voice was hoarse. "I drank a glass of whiskey. Do you want to taste it?" Xu Rui was encircled in his arms, unable to move, and seduced by the smoky smell of alcohol on his lips. "Scotch?" Luo Han stared at her, "your favorite." Xu Rui stretched out his long fingers, touched his cheek, and smiled, "That's what I like best." Such a bewitching smile, let Luo Han feel the heart trembled, has not waited for her to taste, he sent her to taste. Times Square also has a star-studded musical performance on New Year's Eve. In the noisy cheers and music, countless young couples are kissing and basking in the happiness of the last moment of the year, just like them. After being kissed again and again, Xu Rui finally found an opportunity to complain: "Luo Xiaohan, you are a big liar. You didn't drink at all. Did you just touch a little on your mouth?" Luo Han low smile, noncommittal, but changed the subject: "Rui Rui, the time is almost.".
” The topic turned very stiff, but turned away Xu Rui's attention, because the time was really almost, near 11 o'clock. She's coming to Times Square for New Year's Eve, not on a whim, because she bought an advertisement here, yes, an advertisement in Times Square. At the end of the year, although many investments have not yet seen a return, many of them have also emerged, such as the key, which is on the sideline of New York Fashion Week, the soya mobile phone, which is the most popular variety show this year, three movies with a box office of over 100 million yuan, and the mobile game Freedom Fighter, which has become popular all over the country this summer. A month ago, Xu Rui saw the New Year's Eve advertisement. She asked Kuang Rixin to find a big company in the industry and produce a series of advertisements to connect all the big projects she had invested in. And then at the same time tonight, in Times Square. Even in peacetime, there are 300000 pedestrians of different nationalities and skin colors passing through the "crossroads of the world" every day, not to mention that on New Year's Eve, countless people watched live, as well as the world's live media broadcast.. The flow is undoubtedly amazing. Of course, " $2.5 million every four weeks" is the most expensive billboard in the United States and the world. If it is not difficult to advertise here at ordinary times, then on New Year's Eve, the gold content is quite different. Money alone is not enough, and you have to book in advance. Xu Rui only thought of this a month ago. It's not easy to book the best location. What's more, what she wants is the moment of countdown. Thinking of this, she waved her hand magnanimously, "Forget it, for the sake of your merit, I won't care about it with you!" Luo Han took her hand. "The temperature has dropped. Let's go back to the hotel room. You should catch a cold." Xu Rui where is willing to go, for fear that he insists on not wavering, immediately do the bird to beg,heavy duty rack manufacturers, "wait a little longer, brother Han!" Luo Han pinched her face and reached out to zip her down jacket to the top. Finally, she put on her big hat. jracking.com


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